Game Code Request

Thanks for your interest in reviewing or streaming our games! We created this form to help us manage game code requests for press and content creators.  

Please Note: We receive a limited number of promotional and press keys for each release. Due to the volume of requests we are unable to personally respond to each request. However, if you complete this form, you can rest assured we have received your request and we’ll distribute our batch of keys based on a mix of the following factors:

  • Order in which the requests are received
  • Priority given to official / easily verifiable email addresses (see below)
  • Frequency of content the website / channel / community is producing

What is an official / verifiable email address?

To help us help you, make sure to submit your request using an easily verifiable or official email address.

Official Email Addresses:

An offical email that uses the same domain as the website / publication / organization making the request. It's an email only someone from that organization could have. For example, if you are requesting a review code for, the following emails would be considered official. 


Verifiable Email Addresses:

You may not have an official email address (for example Twitch / YouTube channels). No problem, we'll just need to verify we're speaking to someone who actually runs / represents the channel. If you are using a webmail (like @gmail, @outlook, @yahoo etc.) please make sure the email address matches a publicly posted email on a website or channel you're requesting on behalf of (like your YouTube about info / business contact, website staff bio, official social media account bio, or contact page).

In some situations, when these criteria can’t be met, an alternative is to request us to private message you the key on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter etc. Please indicate this in your message portion of your request. If you require this type of verification, you will only need to do this once to be verified on our list. Once verified and we do send you a key, we will add your webmail account to a whitelist so you won't have to do this again. However, if you ever change this email, you will need to notify us from the original verified email, or repeat the verification process. 

Your first name, because "hey you!" is really rude :(
To qualify for review keys, you must submit an official email address or one we can easily validate (see text above the form). Accepted Format:
Name of the outlet / channel / publication / organization making the request. Example: YouTube Channel Name, Website Name, Community Name
The main website URL associated with your request. Example:,,
Let us know the types of content your website / channel regularly produces.
What's your role in the organization / publication making the request? Examples: Writer, Reviewer, Reviews Editor, Owner, YouTube Channel Owner, Host .etc.
Example: Don't Starve Together (PC), Invisible, Inc. (Mac), Mark of the Ninja (Xbox 360)
Let us know about the nature of your request, any additional information about your website / outlet, or special requests. If you require more than one key, please let us know why and we'll do our best to accommodate.
Sometimes we proactively send out game keys. When we do this, it's helpful to know if you're able to play them :) Let us know what platforms you currently have access to.

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